Mice and smiles

The difference between a mouse and a smile:

‘Une souris’ is a mouse (only one in spite of the final s). The computer mouse as well as an animal mouse.
‘Un sourire’ is a smile.
‘Sourire’ is also to smile.
‘Un souriceau’ is a young mouse.
To confuse us further: ‘un souris’ is also a smile.

Expressions using smile/sourire:

Avec le sourire : cheerfully          il avait un sourire jusqu’aux oreilles : he was grinning from ear to ear          addresser un sourire à quelqu’un : to give somebody a smile          cette remarque les fit sourire : this remark brought a smile to their faces          ce projet fait rire : this project is laughable          il ne faut pas sourire de ces menaces : these threats can’t be just laughed/shrugged off          cette idée ne me sourit guère : that idea doesn’t appeal to me/I don’t fancy that idea          sourire en coin : a half smile          la chance lui souriait : luck smiled on her/him          tout lui sourit : everything’s going his/her way.


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