Le larbin/le larcin

Words I call Twins (Jumelles): so similar that it is easy to make a mistake with them, or sometimes the same word with more than one meaning:

Le larbin/le larcin : the servant, the flunkey/the theft.
Un laps/un lapsus : a period of time/a slip of the tongue.
La ladrerie : 1) miserliness, meanness 2) the leper-house.

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  1. The exact name in French to what you call “jumelles” is “paronyme”.
    Excellent site, by the way!

    • Tournesol says:

      Thank you! I’ve made a note of this. Also, many thanks for your kind comment. I don’t do as much as I would like with this site because my IT teacher moved. But she helps me on Skype if I have an urgent problem.

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