(Se) boucher

The two main meanings of ‘boucher’ are ‘to cork, put a cork in’ and ‘to block (up)’.


J’ai les oreilles bouchées : my ears are blocked;            boucher le passage à quelqu’un : to stand in somebody’s way;           boucher la vue : to block the view.

Se boucher  is both ‘to get blocked (or choked) up’  and  ‘to get cloudy, to become overcast’. Other expressions for ‘se boucher’ :  ‘se boucher les oreilles’ : ‘to put one’s fingers in one’s ears’ OR ‘to turn a deaf ear’           ‘se boucher les yeux’ : ‘to hide one’s eyes’ OR ‘to turn a blind eye’.

Finally: an expression I learnt only yesterday: ‘ça lui en a bouché un coin’ which means ‘he was staggered/flabbergasted/gobsmacked’. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the literal translation may be. (Note that flabbergasted has no ‘h’ as ‘aghast’ does).

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