Talk(sport) radio

Apart from laughing at the Haka, I can’t say I am missing the rugby which finished yesterday. But bravo to France for getting to the final, and to New Zealand for winning.

For myself I welcome the return to ‘normality’ of Talk(sport) radio (MW 1089/1053). I would be rich if I had a penny for everyone I’ve heard saying: ‘Oh, I don’t like sport; I couldn’t listen to that.’ If they listened to the overnight phone-ins (Matt Forde, Mike Graham, Steve Berry) they would soon be converted to the entertaining and (sometimes, alright often) informative nature of the ‘creatures of the night’. In fact Ian Collins has gone for the moment, but his spirit lingers on. From 10pm to 6am the following morning there is minimal reference to sport: current affairs and special topics, often of the listeners choosing, are the order of the night. It is ideal listening for insomniacs or for people who, like me, often wake in the night, and prefer to chuckle along to the night-time callers than to be invaded by their own usual common worries which always seem to grow at a time when you can do little about them.

I would also love to know what happens to Europe1 French radio from Paris after midnight our time…answers on a postcard, please.

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