Strange Child

Posted by Simon Parke, 05 June 2015, 12.39pm

My poem of the week is by contemporary poet David Masters who lives in Essex and is a lecturer in Critical Theories of 20th Century Art at the Open University.

It’s from his book of poetry, Light Calling

Our poem today was written in 2014 and is called Strange Child

A strange child for many reasons
At 18
Church Youth Group.
I tell them:
Jung said he didn’t know if he was sitting on a rock
Or whether he was the rock he was sitting on.
Brilliant I thought. Didn’t know why
But I knew it was brilliant.
I met silence in return
Then normal conversation resumed.

Many decades have passed
And this quote
Clung to my memory
Like a plant waiting to blossom.
Now it has flowered.
Brilliant I think.
I tell others
And meet inscrutable smiles in return,
Before normal conversation resumes.
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