French and France: if you are a Francophile this site is for you…

French and English phrases, especially those that could trip you up when writing or speaking French (‘false friends’) as they sound like one thing but mean another. Ideal to take with you on your travels.

The words and phrases will be useful for readers as well as travellers.

Reviewers have pointed out that some of the misunderstandings make for amusing reading.

To buy a copy of False Friends Books One or Two click here for  



6 Responses to French and France: if you are a Francophile this site is for you…

  1. rh says:

    Coucou de la Corrèze !
    J’ai trouvé votre site très intéressant, merci.
    Dis salut à John.

  2. Fun page! Lovely flowers, too. Wish I had more French. Good to “tweet” you, Elizabeth.

  3. Jenny Twist says:

    Fab site, young Spradbery.

  4. Val Poore says:

    Is this site still active, Elizabeth? It seems to have stopped in 2012. I must have arrived too late…eh bien je suis toujours en retard…

  5. Dany Geer says:

    Je viens de visiter votre site, il est sympa. J ai des bases en anglais et j ai pas tout compris. C est un site pour promouvoir le français ? Vous vous mêmes publié un livre ?
    En tout cas je viendrai voir plus souvent

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