‘Stav the gagmeister’ par Simon Parke

La Blague : the joke

‘Some days at work are better than others,’ as Plato probably said, and for me, today was about Stav and Sumo. I will leave you to decide if it was one of the better ones.
Stav is loitering close by. This can only mean one thing – he has a joke to tell me.
“OK, Stav?’ I ask.
“I suppose you’d better hear it,” he says.
“Yes, the jokemeister cometh.”
I make every effort to look interested, as he moves forward and traps me by the oranges. Once here, he is like a priest in a pulpit – suddenly and undeservedly powerful.
“Well, the rest of the store is cracking up over this one,” he says, “and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.”
I’d love to miss out, to be honest. Missing out is really underrated.
“I’d surely never recover,” I say.
“It seems to be my duty in life to amuse the troops,” he adds wearily: “The troubadour of the aisles.”
“Oh well, keeps ’em happy, I suppose.” He wants some affirmation here, but I can’t manage it. Instead I wonder what the joke will be today. It was the one about the disabled prostitute yesterday, and he may simply have forgotten he’s told me – and tell me again…
To be continued…

Taken from ‘Shelf Life’ by Simon Parke (www.simonparke.com). Available from amazon.co.uk (www.amazon.co.uk).

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