Sept mots de plus

Seven more words:

What do you mean haven’t I got anything better to offer? I am in a rush, if you must know. Christmas cards don’t write themselves. In fact, next year, I shall try to switch over to email greetings, thereby saving the planet and postage at one fell swoop.

Anyway, those seven words:

Un pourboire : a tip (pourboire interdit : no gratuities, our staff do not accept gratuities)         un pourceau : a pig, swine (donner les perles aux pourceaux : to cast pearls before swine)         pourchasser : to pursue, to hunt down, to hound         pourfendre : to set about, to assail         se pourlécher : to lick one’s lips (se pourlécher les babines : to lick one’s chops, to lick or smack one’s lips)           pourpré(es) : crimson (if you are paying attention you will realize that I am also giving you a ‘false friend’ here)            pourri(es) : rotten, bad, addled, crumbling, corrupt (un flic pourri : a bent copper; pourri(es) de fric : filthy or stinking rich; pourri(es) de défauts : riddled with faults; pourri(es) de talent : oozing with talent).

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