‘Babs et Shazy’ by Simon Parke

Babs et Shazy : La haute finance : Babs and Shazy: High Finance:
From ‘Shelf Life’ by Simon Parke

First we must meet the Money Girls – new arrivals in our story of supermarket folk. The money girls are called Babs and Shazy – and are employed as eye candy for the management team. They may occasionally look at figures on the computer screen or mishandle the petty cash. But these are secondary activities to providing a girly audience for management jokes, swinging playfully on their office chairs and running for the first aid box when Glyn scalds his hands on a Starbucks.
With Babs and Shazy, we are some way from the world of high finance – and competence.
“What’s up, Shazy?”
“That’s not meant to happen, so it isn’t!”
“Computer playing up, is it?”
“Don’t know what happened there.”
“Did it go ‘ping’?”
“Sort of ‘ping’, yeh.”
“Went ping yesterday.”
“I’ve lost the figures, I think!”
“That’s definitely the same ‘ping’ I got yesterday.”
“It was the evening shift’s wages.”
“I wouldn’t worry.” Nothing worries Babs – as long as it doesn’t affect her. She remains wonderfully untouched by the pain of others.
“It’s strange, isn’t it,” says Shazy, still slightly troubled, “how one minute, the numbers are there, and then – ”
“-and then the next minute, ping! – and they’re gone! It’s a mystery world, Shazy.”
“Gotta a mind of its own, this computer!”
“Still, least said, best mended, eh?” says Babs.

Taken from ‘Shelf Life’ by Simon Parke (www.simonparke.com). Available on amazon.co.uk (http://www.amazon.co.uk/).

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