Un Jour Mémorable…

Je viens de recevoir 400 copies de mon nouveau livre: “False Friends: Faux Amis: Book TWO”: I have just received 400 (shiny) new copies of “False Friends: Faux Amis: Book TWO”. After months of waiting, this is a red-letter day for me. Looking up ‘red-letter day’ in my trusty Collins-Robert dictionary I find that, as well as ‘un jour mémorable’, a red-letter day is also called ‘un jour à marquer d’une pierre blanche’ – ‘a day to mark with a white stone’.

Check out my new website (http://www.elmalet.co.uk/) and, roll up, roll up, buy lots of copies now while stocks last…or buy directly from: E M Spradbery 3 St Michael’s Court, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4SA UK  malet@supanet.com  Copies £3 each or £5 for any 2 copies (free P&P until Christmas 2011).

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