L’escalier (nm)

The last blog (‘L’esprit d’escalier : ‘to think of a quick reply too late’) may have made more sense if I had explained that un escalier is a staircase. Or, on second thoughts, perhaps it wouldn’t have made much difference.

More phrases using ‘escalier’ : ‘la cage d’escalier’ : the stairwell; ‘assis dans l’escalier’ : sitting on the stairs; ‘le grand escalier’ :  the main staircase; ‘un escalier en colimaçon’ : a spiral staircase; ‘elle m’a fait des escaliers dans les cheveux’ : she’s cut my hair all unevenly; ‘un escalier de secours’ : a fire escape; ‘un escalier de service’ : backstairs, service stairs; ‘un escalier mécanique/roulant’ : an escalator.

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