Attila the stockbroker

Attila the stockbroker(l’agent de change) and Stalin

Having lunch last week in Brighton (Terre-à-Terre) with a dear friend, we got to discussing careers. I maintained that if a child of mine became a stockbroker I would disown them, which seemed to tickle her (l’amuser). However, labels are not helpful and, whatever job you do, you still have to deal with yourself, for better or for worse. Money is useful but ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’: ‘la cupidité (pour l’argent) c’est la racine de tous les maux.’

“To be tickled pink” or, more appropriately here perhaps, “to be tickled to death” can be translated as “être aux anges” ! 

From Attila to Stalin:

I see from Quentin Letts’ column in The Daily Mail today (I know, I know!) that there is a new play about Stalin (“Collaborators” by John Hodge at The Royal National Theatre). Nothing to do with France but it sounds entertaining as well as informative. Bulgakov also figures: ‘Maybe crazy caricature is the only way of starting to capture Stalin in a two-and-a-half-hour tragi-comedy. We start to see Stalin’s evil genius when he compromises Bulgakov by giving him a taste of executive power’.

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