Le subjonctif (au secours !)

The subjunctive (again) (help!)

Yes, again I have to mention the subjunctive (having heard it around me for the last few days). Why do you cringe when you hear that word? We may not use it much in English (‘if I were to do it’, ‘if the train were to be late’ are the only examples I can think of at the moment, but some of the most intriguing and beautiful words are French subjunctives:

Qu’il le fasse : may he do it                j’espère qu’elle puisse le faire : I hope she will be able to do it                 pendant que ses amis prennent les eaux : while his/her friends were swimming                   le mensonge ne vaut pas que tu réfléchisses trop sur lui (eg le mensonge : the lie) : it’s not worth thinking too hard about that lie                jusqu’à ce qu’elle le comprenne : until she understands it.

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