Les carottes sont cuites

Three “cheerful” expressions today:

Aujourd’hui en chair, demain en bière :
Literally: Today in the flesh, tomorrow in the coffin:
NOT: Today in a chair, tomorrow in beer (two false friends here):
Here today, gone tomorrow.

Les carottes sont cuites :
(This was often used as a coded BBC radio message to the French Resistance in WWII):
Literally: The carrots are cooked:
It’s [all] done and dusted.

Jeter son froc aux orties :
Literally: To throw one’s habit/robe in the nettles:
To kick over the traces.

Taken from: ‘Don’t toss Granny in the Begonias: Faut pas Pousser Mémé dans les Bégonias’ by Hélène Claudel-Gilly and Primrose Arnander.

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