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I am hoping that ‘faux jetons’ (two-faced people) will be the best way to describe people and firms who bombard your site with ‘spam’. My weekend has been turned into a nightmare with up to 400 ‘comments’ a day from those seeking to move themselves up google’s listings. I hope this will rebound on them – I can’t be alone in having conceived an immense dislike to Ugg boots among many other firms and companies for their activities in this area.

A tip to solve (almost!) every problem under the sun – open Google’s search box and write and send your problem in to them – a few simple key words work better than a ‘letter to Santa’. This morning I wrote in the searchbox ‘Spam in WordPress’ and an hour later (cutting edge or what?) I had put Akismet into my WordPress site and………………..fingers crossed, there has been no vile spam pinging into my inbox for the last hour and a half. Peace, perfect peace (la paix enfin !).

Doing my homework on your behalf, I looked up ‘spam’ in the English section of my Robert-Collins dictionary and found the words: ‘la mortadelle’. As this is the name of the tinned variety, I can only guess that spam is spam in most languages.

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