Les mots croisés

I am lucky enough to be able to start most days by doing a crossword puzzle (les mots croisés). I would recommend this to anyone able to do this for two main reasons. Firstly, you do not have to get out of bed until you want to, and, secondly, this will drive away worries and stress and, unless you have had a very unhappy life, the words and phrases of the clues will conjure up images that bring back memories, or perhaps inspire you – to take up a new hobby, to see that film you’ve been intending to see, to visit a new place.

The more difficult the crossword you choose, the greater your sense of achievement will be as you progress. Don’t ‘beat yourself up’ if you don’t finish: some clue-setters will invent far more obscure clues than others.

PS Over-difficult crosswords are depressing – chuck them away.

PPS But persevere: sometimes finding just one word will rapidly help you to solve the clues all around it.

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