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I’ve just discovered a ‘false friend’ new to me: flippant. Looking in my Robert-Collins dictionary I find that the French version of the word means ‘grim/depressing’ in English. Having a weird sense of humour, I often aim to be flippant but I … Continue reading

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L’aigle – the eagle

‘Le temps actuel a tendance à se glisser au futur.’  : ‘Time keeps on slipping into the future.’ – Steve Miller ‘La solution à cette énigme chronologique pour Steve Miller était de ‘voler comme un aigle.’: ‘Steve Miller’s solution to … Continue reading

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Although ‘l’ennui (nm)’ means ‘boredom’, ‘les ennuis’ are difficulties, a nuisance, trouble. What a difference one letter can make…

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Anthony de Mello

‘The Little Fish’ by Anthony de Mello from ‘The Song of the Bird’ “Excuse me,” said an ocean fish, “You are older than I, so can you tell me where to find this thing they call the ocean?” “The ocean,” … Continue reading

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