La guigne

By now you will know whether your Friday 13th is progressing well or otherwise. Mine appears to be going quite smoothly so far (not ‘famous last words’ I hope). Here is a French phrase about bad luck:

Avoir la guigne:
Quand on a la guigne, on est très malchanceux (-euse), de façon répétée:  when one has ‘la guigne’ one is very unlucky, over and over again.

“Et d’ailleurs, c’était Gresham qui montait Lusignan […]. Gresham avait la guigne, jamais il n’arrivait.” :
“And besides, it was Gresham who was climbing Lusignan […] Gresham was not lucky, he would never manage it.”

Émile Zola, Nana (1880).

Taken from: ‘Pourquoi dit-on ? 2012’ par Delphone Gaston.

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